Welcome to the Great Wok of China

In light of so many new Chinese restaurants in the Mississauga area, what enables The Great Wok of China to stand above the crowd and continue to serve and delight patrons as it has for over 2 decades? We believe our success can be attributed to a strict commitment to three basic operating principles:

A) use only the best quality ingredients.
B) provide friendly and courteous service.
C) offer all this in a relaxing, elegant atmosphere.

Our patrons come from near and far to experience our many secret sauces, which range from spicy Szechuan to tangy lemon. Unlike most Chinese restaurants, The Great Wok of China does all of its wok cooking and deep frying with cholesterol free canola oil using the freshest and choicest fruits and vegetables personally selected from the local wholesale market. Only the best quality meats, poultry and seafood are used in our specialty dishes, each individually prepared in the traditional Chinese manner.

Throughout the years we have developed a style of cooking unique to the current Chinese restaurant scene which requires little use of salt. Our management pledges to provide the best service to our customers whether they are enjoying our food in our elegant dining room or in the comfort of their own home.

Enjoy your visit to The Great Wok of China

The staff and management